8 months update

I should have really written this 2 weeks ago!! Life gets in the way! Better late than never though hey!

My little boy has grown so much!!!! He’s just doing lots if new and exciting things everyday. We can see his cheeky personality shining through now and we can see tiny little tantrums started already!! Everyday is a blessing with him.

Here are a few milestones from the last 4 weeks:

  • Second Tooth. Babyts bottom right tooth is out now. It cut through on the 15th of June. On our eid day! This second tooth was a bit of a pain, he completely went off food when we got so far with his weaning!!
  • First eid. Babyt had his first ramdhan and his first eid. He was so spoilt on eid day. He is the only grandchild on both side of the family so all, the attention was on him.
  • New Positioning. He is now able to move to get up and sit from laying down on his stoamch or back. The first time he did it I was in the toilet and I left him in his cot, I came out and he was sitting. I was in shock!!!
  • 2nd Stage of Crawling. Babyt is now getting onto all fours but still not grasped how to move forward. He’s not yet able to move his arms and leaps forward.
  • New babbles. The new sounds are baba and tata and on the odd occasion ‘ma’. When he cries and it’s for me he usually starts with ba and sometimes ma!
  • Waving. He is now able to wave Tata and understands when we wave he waves back!

This past month he has loves his ballpit. We gifted him one for Eid, and he loves just chilling in their with some of his favourite toys.

He has a new obsession with cars and wheels. He holds a car and twist and turns the wheels. When a car drives by he will watch the wheels move and he can observe and follow cars for ages!! Definitely a boy’s boy!

He still loves his jumperoo he can even rocks himself to sleep in it πŸ˜‚. BabyT will be bouncing away in his jumperoo and the next thing he’s snoozing away still bouncing sometimes at the same time πŸ€”

Our happy moments. Something to keep close and always remember! #makingmemories

Momma T x