The 9 months..

Everyone told me ‘you will miss being pregnant, you will miss the feel of your babys kicks’ etc.. Do I miss it? No. I don’t. My baby is here right infront of me, I can hug and kiss him all day long. So I don’t miss being pregnant.

My pregnancy was pretty easy to be honest. I didn’t really have sickness. I was nasueas in the first trimester andin the last 6 weeks, I was sick a handful of times but that was it.

During the first trimester I slept alot. I was so tired, ridiculously tired. I could fall asleep anywhere and everywhere and I would go into the deepest sleep. I did feel pretty low during the first 3 months, I cried alot. The fear of having a baby made me really emotional. I read somewhere that your emotions during your pregnancy affects your baby, so if I cry non stop my baby will be the same. That stopped my tears! Haha.

In April I had my first scan. I was nervous. I heard many stories of people going in for scans and theres no heartbeat. I didn’t want to go through that. I prayed and prayed before I went. The wait for the scan felt like forever. Once we were in and they put they gel on my belly and started to look for the baby and there it was. The heart beat. The heart pumping away. It was amazing. I felt so much joy and happiness. In ways I didn’t know I could feel. I was so happy and grateful my baby was there and healthy.

The second trimester got easier, I had a burst of energy in me. I stopped feeling so tired and I was able to get by my day without dreaming of sleeping. During my second trimester I went on my my babymoon! I went to Paris at 27 weeks. I am so glad I had a babymoon, it was so nice to have that last holiday just the two us. Holiday clothes shopping was a nightmare.

Watching my body grow was amazing, surreal and emotional all the same times. It’s such a miracle to think how the baby is developing inside you. When my dress size changed I cried. Haha. I sound like a baby. I remember going to primark for clothes shopping for my holiday and nothing fit and I cried in the shop. I was scared of getting big in all the wrong places. My husband just kept reminding me I’m not going fat and I’m growing a baby that’s why my body is changing, it still made me cry!

The second was in June, it was a long one. There was many checks to ensure baby was all healthy. God bless it was. We were unsure if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby, but we gave in and we found out! It’s a boy! And it was obvious it was a boy. We kept the sex of the baby a secret. We wanted it to be a surprise or everyone else. The second scan made it feel more real as did the first kick. I didn’t feel many movements as I had an anterior placenta. So when I did feel kicks and movements I was so overjoyed. I used to prod my stoamch and have cold drinks to force movement. I used to love waking up on the morning and he’d be kicking away at me.

The third trimester was like the first. I was exhausted. By the third trimester I was off work. I started my maternity from when I was 8 months. As I work term time I was off from 6 and half months. It was so nice to enjoy that time alone. Have some me time. I slept alot! Chilled in bed and watched Netflix and i loved it. By the time I was about 37 weeks I just wanted the baby here. I was tired of being pregnant. I did everything people told me to do to induce labour. I ate pineapples, loads of dates, lots of walking. Drank all these cultural traditional drinks. Nothing. He arrived 5 days after his due day. And it was definitely worth the wait.

P.s.. yes that’s how I felt throughout and that’s how I looked at my stoamch daily. No I wasn’t that big but I felt it.